Your Reputation under Your Control
Verax is a public registry for storing on-chain attestations, designed for enhanced discoverability and composability
Unlocking the Value of Reputation
Verax allows dapps to easily access attestations from numerous issuers without having to integrate with each one directly. Unlike NFTs, attestations are easily discoverable and can be easily linked together. Users can see all their attestations in one place and discover the value they unlock.
For Users
For Dapps
Built with 💜 by the following teams:
tutorials and documentation
Easy to get started with
There is documentation to help developers to get started, including code examples, example dapps, and end-to-end walkthrough tutorials. Join our Discord and ask any of the developers in the community any questions you might have.
Access your attestations
Use the explorer app to view all your attestations issued in one place. Explore the ecosystem of available attestations and attestation issuers. As an issuer, find re-usable schemas and module for your attestations.
community maintained
Join an open collective
Verax is a collective that is open to anyone that is interested in joining, contributing to, and developing new features or tools. If you see a way to use the technology to help your community or team, then please come and join the conversation.
Verax is Growing
Tap into a rapidly expanding resource of rich, on-chain attestation data
5 million
Attestations on Linea mainnet
While the vast majority of attestations are proof-of-humanity attestations, we are seeing a growing number and diversity in other types of attestations
1.38 million
Unique attestation subjects
As most of the attestations issued thus far have been proof-of-humanity attestations, we estimate that we have over a million unique users
Attestation Issuers
The issuers of attestations into Linea are all professional teams that specialize in high-quality reputation scores and zkp-powered attestations